Student Debt (Continuation)

Add to this a less-than-stellar job market, a glut of new st petersburg family law attorneys, and a stagnant pay level for young attorneys just starting out.  I know there is a good reason for the “Golden Rule” argument being inappropriate in a closing argument, but it is perfectly applicable here.  What would you do in their shoes?  How much pressure would you be under if you were contacted by a divorce lawyer that needed an answer immediately?  How much stress would you be carrying in addition to the stress you are already routinely under?  I am not speaking ill of these young lawyers.  The ones I have met appear to be dedicated to the profession and quite qualified.


Student Debt

I do not wish to be known as a doomsayer.  That said, we have a ticking time-bomb in our profession.  If we fail to recognize this and act, I fear there will be grave consequences.  Some divorce attorneys attempt to go out on their own, and sometimes they fail trying to run a law practice.  The issue is student loan debt of new attorneys (an example of doing it the right way is here  It is not unusual for me to hear from new lawyers, or to read in journals, that young lawyers are graduating law school with $100,000 to $180,000 in law school debt.  Think about this: What would your current life be like if your net worth was negative $180,000?  No one would issue you a line of credit.  No one would offer you a mortgage on a modest home.  Even the ubiquitous credit card companies would be reluctant to extend any credit to you.  You have to have transportation and appropriate attire.  You have to pay Bar fees and for CLE seminars.  Do you want a marriage and children?  You cannot afford them.